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Dr. Margrit Mikulis

Dr. Margrit Mikulis is a native of Nashua New Hampshire, and a graduate of Mount Saint Mary's Seminary. She attended Northeastern University and received a Bachelors of Science in both Political Science and Philosophy.

As an alumnus of Ernst and Young LLP and Investor's Bank and Trust, her experience in Boston gave her an appreciation of creating professional relationships. Although she loved her business experience, she always had an interest in health, especially alternative medicine. Her exposure to acupuncture inspired her to pursue a career in the field of complementary medicine.

After living in Portland Oregon and going to the National College of Natural Medicine, Dr. Mikulis realized that she wanted to bring the spirit of integrative medicine back to her home in New Hampshire. Her experience at NCNM inspired her to envision what our current medical model could look like. She is dedicated to education, and in particular wants to teach people how to empower themselves and create wellness in their own lives. Her vision and beliefs are simple:

“Health is a continuum. It is a dynamic process, not static. My focus lies in teaching people how to manage their health while still enjoying life. There are many myths about diet, wellness and disease, people are bombarded and confused. I feel that I can be a conduit to ending the confusion. My goals as a naturopathic doctor and educator include educating other physicians about natural medicine so that they can get a better understanding of the importance of our role in creating wellness with patients. The integrative approach to medicine has been embraced on the west coast, and there are many integrative clinics that involve naturopathic doctors working hand in hand with medical doctors. I want this model to be implemented here on the east coast. I think New Hampshire is a great state, and has always been ahead of its time. (see our fun facts section which gives info on New Hampshire's health ranking) . I look forward to helping create a vision for integration that breaks the myths, and allows New Hampshire to become a leader in providing all aspects of top notch health care.”

In addition to her education, while living in Oregon, she served on the Board of Directors of “Folk Time” which is a non-profit organization that serves to create a social place for those with mental illness. She also received a certification to teach the “Family to Family” program sponsored by the National Association of the Mentally Ill. This course is offered to families around the country, and it provides the families a forum to be able to share their life experiences.

Dr. Mikulis is co-founder of Living Natural Inc., and Director of Research and Development. She spends the majority of her time advancing her clinic with Dr. Waters. She is the first naturopathic doctor to complete 9 months of post doctoral education in “A Core Curriculum in Adult Primary Care” through Boston University School of Medicine, and has started her second year with BU this September. Her medical interests include homeopathy- classical casework and biotherapeutic drainage, western botanical medicine, nutrition, women's health and hormonal function. She has acquired many hours of post doctoral education in endocrinology, and most recently finished 15 hours in functional endocrinology in San Diego, California, with a specialist in the field. Dr. Mikulis is an advocate of Weston A. Price Foundation, organic farming practices, and encourages people to learn more about our food supply.

“Deborah Koons Garcia has done a great job illustrating what is happening to agriculture in the United States, in her independent film, “The Future of Food”. This is a must see for anyone interested in their health, but also the health of future generations.”

In her spare time she is a mother, a music enthusiast, and is dedicated to vinyasa flow yoga. She also loves to spend as much time as possible on her land in northern New Hampshire. “I like the idea of outdoor living, there is nothing better than breathing in the fresh air. I hope someday I can combine my two passions-practicing medicine in a natural environment.”

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