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List of Services

Living Natural offers a wide variety of medical services, including:

  • detailed history and intake
  • all clinical and physical diagnosis including, but not limited to female and male annual exams and school or work annual physicals
  • lab diagnosis and analysis
  • broad range of natural treatment modalities such as
    • nutritional support
    • botanical medicine
    • homeopathy
    • lifestyle counseling
    • Arvigo abdominal massage
    • Craniosacral.
    • Though pharmaceuticals are not the first choice of treatment , the state of New Hampshire offers a drug formulary which enables Naturopaths to prescribe a wide range of pharmaceuticals.

Please refer to the NHAND website for a full description New Hampshire’s Naturopathic formulary.

52 Nashua St. | Milford, NH 03065 | t: 603.594.0002 | f: 603.594.0006

147 Orchard St. | Brattleboro, VT 05301 | t: 802.490.2077 | f: 802.490.2149